The best revision tool I have used…….so far!

The best revision tool I have used… far!


Firstly, this is not my idea! @tombrush1982 presented this idea via twitter and I magpied it. Yes, I have tweaked it, but the idea was born by the very creative Tom – so certainly credit where it is due.

Revision Grid - RU 3

Boardrush is a very simple yet very effective learning tool. I have mainly used it for revision, but it could be used with anything and EVERY topic and EVERY subject you can think of.

You create a boardrush template, such as above. I used PowerPoint, but there are other great tools out there too. Questions were created on the topics I had identified with the students on the areas for focus. In total, I have created about 12 of these. All different, with different topics – I will share more as you read on!

I colour coded them, purely to help students make the link between a colour and a topic. For example, all of the above green boxes are components of fitness, either health or skill-related.

I put students in pairs, but any group size will work. Depending on the pair I gave the students an amount of post-it notes. If the pair was more able, I gave them between 10 and 25 post-it notes. Students whose learning was at a slower rate I gave them 5-10 post-its. Students had access to learning materials too, if they felt they needed them. I set a 10 minute time limit, and the students had to complete a ‘connect 5’ type line. If they had 10+ post-its, they were expected to complete a number of ‘lines of learning’.


I used this technique a number of times, and my students absolutely loved it! The boys especially liked the competitive element of who can complete the ‘lines’ first.

I created lots of different templates with different questions, but I needed to develop the students thinking. With some help from my outstanding team at school and Tom, I started to do this.

PE 2015-04-29 14.52.19

Firstly, I created a boardrush which had answers on and the students had to write the questions to match, see below:

QUESTION Revision Grid - RU 6

I explained I wanted all of the squares covered – again, more-able had to complete more. Once the board was completed I turned the presentation off. Students then had to collect 2 questions from the board and complete the answers. This helped develop short term memory and make the link stronger between the question and the answer.

Another technique I used was that students could only complete answers using PEA. Feel free to download our PE specific PEA help here. This helped develop students extended answer writing skills.

Finally, I used a picture boardrush, such as below:

PIC Revision Grid - RU 4

Students were given various topics and challenges using this. Firstly, I gave the students a topic, such as drugs in sport. Students had to write a piece of information and link it to a picture.

We would complete a previous boardrush with questions. Then link that information to the pictures. I was trying to develop lateral thinking. This took a little longer to develop, but we managed to do this, and I do believe we will get great results this August.

Students loved this style, and were even asking for more sessions like this. We were able to develop questioning, answering, extended answer writing and lateral thinking. This is just a tool – but it inspired and captured the focus of our students. I would certainly recommend this and will be using again for our current year 11.


My first Teachmeet – WOW!

WOW, WOW and WOW! I have always loved new teaching and learning techniques, my own personal love for learning, but last week fuelled my learning juices even more so. I attended, and presented, at my first Teachmeet. I had followed various ones of these free CPD sessions via Twitter (THE best FREE CPD platform in my opinion).

The chance to attend and present at one near me was too good a chance to turn down.

Lets deal with my presentation first. I was not sure what to present on, so stuck to my tried and tested ‘foundation’s of my teaching. My nuts and bolts that I rely on for consistently good lessons that have helped produce outstanding results over the last 6 years.

The Memory Game


2013-09-30 11.26.55 2013-09-30 11.27.18 2013-09-30 11.27.58 2013-09-30 11.28.05

Students work in buddies (seating plans and selected buddies are key) to complete the mind map. The information they require is attached to a wall (or window in this case). The buddies take it in turns to leave the room to look at the information. They have to remember it and write it into the correct area of the map. As they return to the room, they discuss with their partner what they have done so the partner does not memorise the same section. The students really like this strategy, but only one memory game per lesson. They last about 10-15 minutes, but are very active and effective. Students make very good notes alongside developing memory skills.

I also presented on card sorts, Exam Grade Boosting and using Edmodo.

TeachMeet Taunton

Organised and led by @MrBAyres, the sessions was brilliant. Incredibly well organised, great venue with some amazing food. The students at the school were exceptional. The evening started and I was not sure what to expect. I was nervous about my presentation – ‘were the techniques I was talking about what people wanted to hear?’

I should not have worried. The presenters were fantastic- all offering different and varied techniques, strategies and information on different aspects of learning and teaching. Pastoral issues were covered alongside technology use, such as ipads, Touchcast, Tellagami (now a personal favourite!).

Twitter handles were exchanged and the feedback that @MrBAyres received from the evening was truly deserved. I have made 3 or 4 really good contacts with people whom see very like minded; whom want to learn from others, share their good practice and further develop their teaching. @mr_pepperell and @MrHistoire are certainly worth a follow. These 3 gentlemen have already had a major influence on developing my teaching further in the last 7 days.

Advice I have received from @unicorn4275 has also improved my teaching  repertoire through the purchase of reusable post its and magic blackboard – a must for any teacher without a classroom base. (

@MrHistoire and I are now working together to setup a teachmeet in North Devon – keep an eye out for it!

After the #TMTaunton, I feel inspired to attend more of these and collaborate with more staff – the ideas out there are brilliant, and I want to be part of that.

If you get a chance, do attend one. Present too – you won’t regret it.

Finally, well done @MrBAyres – a fantastic and inspirational evening. Pencil me for next year now!

2013-07-08 11.59.42