I am currently a Head of Faculty at a community college in Devon. I have a real desire to improve my own teaching and learning ability, as well as share good practice with other professionals. I believe I am in a fantastic and privleged position, effecting the life chances of each and every young person I have the pleasure to work with. I do believe in education for all and I believe that the majority of children can be taught and given support to develop in to a positive young adult. I do believe that high aspirations and target setting are extremely positive tools to assist this process, but for me, the relationship you build with the students is key. The students need to trust and believe in you, and if this happens, they will follow your advice and lead. Very similar to leadership skills within the department or faculty.

I am very ambitious, with grandeurs of becoming a head teacher before my career ends, but the major step for me is moving from my current position as Head of Faculty to a member of the Senior Leadership team. I would like to develop Teaching and Learning and technology in education on a whole school level, and I have learnt so much from staff I work with, and the best free CPD resource going – Twitter!

On a personal note, I am a family man and am lucky enough to have three amazing daughters already. I love sport and the outdoors, and I am a mad Evertonian. I enjoy endurance running and have completed various marathons and ultra marathons. I love a challenge and it provides great thinking time!

I hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to contact me to discuss and share any ‘blogged’ matters.


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